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We have answered some of the most common questions asked about taking drum lessons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Many of my students have started out total beginners and have progressed into excellent drummers.

Sure, I am happy to teach students of all ages on the drums. Parents are welcome to sit in during our lessons. It is worth exploring the size kit that suitable for your child so that it is playable to practise on at home - for more advice just get in touch.

I teach the majority of my drum lessons from Abby Lane Studios, Unit 7 Racecourse Industrial Park, Mansfield Road, DE21 4SX, Derby - not far from the Odeon Cinema, just off the A61 and opposite Rollerworld. It is a great place to learn to play the drums, with all the equipment we will need during our lessons. Plus, free parking.

If you have difficulty getting to the studio I have no problem in coming to you to give the lesson so you can learn in the comfort of your own home. Do note, there is an additional travel cost for home lessons, simply get in touch to find out more.

Not at all. There are many exercises you can do without a drum kit, especially if you're just starting out. If you are serious about playing the drums though, I would certainly get some drums within the first few months of playing as nothing can replicate the feel of an actual kit. If you're worried about them being too noisy you can buy silencer pads which reduced the velocity by a lot. Electronic kits are also great for noise limitation. I would be more than happy to help you find a good kit for a good price. You can also read our article Music Shops in Derby to get more information.

Just yourself. I can provide sticks until you get your own pair. There are a lot of different types of sticks so if you are unsure which ones to get I can help you choose.

Yes, I can teach you how to read and write drum notation so that you can create your own grooves and rudiments.

Yes, I have done grades myself so I would be more than happy to help you work through yours. I find them to be a great learning tool as they always cover a variety of styles. However, I don't see them as essential. You can be just as good a drummer without them.

I'd recommend an hour a week as this gives us more time to cover material in greater detail. For younger students, I'd suggest half hour lessons to begin with. But, it is totally down to you how often you have your lessons. As long as you're committed and are practising in your spare time you will see great improvement.

Depending on your musical interests I will create a unique lesson plan what will suit you the best.

If you would like to cancel a lesson just contact me 48 hours in advance and we can arrange another time. If you cancel a lesson within the 48 hours you will be expected to pay the full tuition cost.

Still have questions? Get in touch

Abby Lane Studios, Unit 7 Racecourse Industrial Park,
Mansfield Road, DE21 4SX, Derby


Abby Lane Studios, Unit 7 Racecourse Industrial Park,
Mansfield Road, DE21 4SX, Derby
01332 498051

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